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Operator settings v1.1

You are the lucky owner of windows mobile device and use several SIM or multi-sim! Every time you must make many efforts to access GPRS, MMS or WAP if you change the SIM card . It isn’t convenient!

The “Operator settings v1.1” decides this problem. It is the small program contains “ops.exe” and “ops.ini” files. You only must write your settings into “ops.ini” text file, place together this files in storage card or in storage memory and execute “ops.exe”. The next screen appears:

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Click OK, that is all! Now the program automatically detect the change of operator name and activate the apropriate settings. It works after the device was turned off or battery was removed. But if you place the program at storage card and remove card or use WM5torage you must restart program! To uninstall program remove “ops.exe” and “ops.ini” only.

The advantages of this program are:
1. It is very small. 2. It does not require the installation and does not write the registry. 3. The program only runs when operator name changing and does not consume the resources at other time. 4. The program only uses the operator settings defined by you in “ops.ini” and does not consume the traffic.

Program requires WM5 or WM6 OS. Download evaluation version and use “Operator settings v1.1”! The registration key is here .

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