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How tune "ops.ini" template?

The template “ops.ini” is a text file which may be edit with any text editor. The template contains a sections. The section names are in the square brackets, for example – [operators], [reg_key], etc. In any section there are strings such as: “parameter_string”.
To use “Operator settings v1.1” with your GSM operators you would edit some sections and strings marked by green in the template. A description of the sections is below.

The first is a section for registration key value. With the right value (available here ) you get a full functional version of the “Operator settings v1.1”.

The next is a section for operator names which you see on the screen of your device:

home screen

You would write your displayed operator names into this section!
operator one
operator two
operator next
operator last

For example, if you have “NNN”, “Best”, “Fake network” operator names your section [operators] must really looks as:
Fake network

There are operator setiings in the other template sections. In this sections you would write the respective settings titles for operators “operator one”,...“operator last”. This titles usually are in: Start -> Settings -> Connections -> GPRS screen:

connections screen

GPRS settitngs

[operator one]

For example, for “Fake network” operator you would have such section:
[Fake network]
gprs=Fake Internet
swap=Fake SWAP
work=Fake work

Of course, you must repeat it for your other operators (evaluation version of “Operator settings v1.1” services two operators only).

Save the corrected file, place it together with “ops.exe” into your device, execute “ops.exe”. Now you save ~10 “clicks” every time when you switch a SIM and need access to internet!